About Missionary Broadcasting

Missionary Broadcasting, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Mobile, Alabama, USA. Founded by Its director, David Daniell and his wife Lorna who served as missionaries in Latin America for 38 years with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. David Daniell was the regional media consultant for Mexico and Central America for IMB. When David and Lorna Daniell retired from the IMB as missionaries. The IMB retired its broadcasting ministry and abandoned its radio stations they planted, thus MBI was formed to fill the gap that was left by the IMB. Missionary Broadcasting works closely with Spanish-language Christian radio stations in the United States and in Central and South America in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela and including a station that broadcasts in Javanese in Suriname.

Our purpose at Missionary Broadcasting is to share the love of Jesus through partnerships with local churches in their efforts to evangelize, plant new congregations and disciple new believers. For decades Baptists in Latin America have reached many through personal evangelism, home Bible studies and evangelistic campaigns. MBI reinforces all of these corollary methods with radio spots and programs in the airwaves and on the internet. Because radio is a powerful instrument to evangelize and educate. It can inspire, educate and reinforce the listener’s positive moral values. Radio has several other valuable attributes: it can promote events, project a pleasing public image of a denomination—and above all—using good response mechanisms—move the radio listener to a more personal level of communication—such as a personal visit or involve the listener in a small group. One of the strengths of radio is that it crosses geographical, political and religious barriers to reach people hungry for the Gospel.

At MBI we provide quality programming materials in Spanish such as religious spots and programs, spots with social themes, as well as Biblical and contemporary dramas. Furthermore, Missionary Broadcasting also helps its affiliated stations connect with other international ministries that can provide them with excellent programming and other valuable and useful resources in order to enhance their programming. We also provide engineering, financial, and technical assistance to our affiliated radio stations. Thus equipping the stations to reach their audience furthermore enabling the promotion of community services and social work projects in their areas.

MBI is mainly made up of volunteer broadcast engineers, electricians, computer experts, voice talent, and educators. It also recruits volunteer construction workers, lawyers, graphic designers, musicians and others in order to aid MBI affiliated radio stations and help them make an impact in their communities. Today are not only seeking to deploy new radio stations in Central America and other parts of the world. Other than radio MBI is working towards reaching more children with the gospel and improving their lives.