MBI recently provided lots of spots and programs to Rio de Dios Radio (River of God Radio) in Honduras. This station is largely a ministry of Ellis Baptist Association in Waxahachie, Texas (south of Dallas). Its studios are in Belén, Lempira—the poorest department (state) in the second-poorest country in the Americas, and its repeater station is in the town of Olanchito, Yoro. It broadcasts on two AM frequencies—1180 and 860. They also stream on the Internet at www.riodedios.net.

The MBI audio materials sent to Rio de Dios Radio included Bible dramas, Easter dramas, contemporary real-life dramas, jingles, spots on preventive medicine, family harmony, youth, drug-abuse, alcohol-abuse, evangelistic spots as well as spots on what the Bible says about various subjects—all in Spanish. Rio de Dios Radio has been instrumental in starting many new congregations since its launching in 2010.