In the United States costs for internet access are much lower and bandwidth capabilities are much higher than for many in Central and South America.  The internet out there is more expensive and limited in developing communities. The internet is an incredible tool for communication and seeking out information. As a growing organization its important for us to continue to communicate with all the managers of the radio stations and for them to reach us real time. After much consideration and researching the pricing of internet providers in their areas, it would be more cost effective to install a satcom in each radio station we service that needs a fast high speed bandwidth connection that is faster than Claro or Tigo.

Goal: 60% of MBI-related stations must have access to the Internet by Dec. 31, 2016

Through this medium we will be providing not only station managers, but missionaries, and local pastors access to a secure and fast internet connection especially to those located in rural areas where isp’s  are not available. The benefits for these stations to have internet access are:

  • Email & VoIP
  • Managers can Download Materials and Radio Programs
  • Online Video Conferencing & Training
  • Stream Radio Feed via Internet; Also So We Can Pick Up Feed and Check For Quality

Alongside this MBI plans to hold workshops on how to blog, email, use the internet, create websites, and social media.