Radio is a powerful instrument to evangelize and educate. It can inspire, educate and reinforce the listener’s positive moral values. Radio is both a perfect evangelism and a discipleship tool for those who want to investigate Christianity, who are isolated and don’t know other believers, or for those looking for meaning and hope in their lives.

Mobilizing these national Christians by helping them obtain the transmitters and antennas needed to launch radio ministries is one of our greatest mission objectives.  For example MBI on an annual basis – we aid one or more radio stations to upgrade aging equipment and replace towers and antennas so that clear signals can be heard in their area.

The impact of our affiliated radio stations, operated by local believers, is overwhelming as listeners respond to our partner stations with testimonies of how they have been touched by the programs.  Our affiliated radio stations are mainly located in rural areas where tuning in to the radio is an everyday thing either at work or at home. Radio broadcasting is still relevant although we have now internet radio and so forth because over 67% of the world does not have Internet access, there are 4.6 billion people who still need access to radio to hear the Word of God.

Will you partner with us in utilizing the radio to proclaim the gospel?  Your monthly commitment or one-time gift will make a difference in many lives.