Santa Cruz La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala

Santa Cruz La Laguna is a small village on the shores of Lake Atitlán in southwestern Guatemala—not too far from the tourist town of Panajachel. Of all the small villages around the lake, it is the only one that does not have a Baptist church. It is within the coverage area of Radio Amistad 90.7 FM owned and operated by Getsemaní Baptist Church in San Pedro La Laguna. What is envisioned is a series of emphases—possibly one each month for at least six months, starting in 2014—possibly between Feb. 1 and May 15 (the dry season).

The first stage will include a group of youth and young adults handing out ZipLock bags loaded with Christian literature, a DVD and an invitation to a special event and to weekly home Bible studies. This is called Operation GO. The printed invitation will invite the folks to a showing of the Christian video “Magdalena: Rescatada de la Verguenza”. We will try to get possibly 1,000 copies of this DVD donated by the JESUS film project.

A pastor will preach a short sermon at the close of this video projection, offer an evangelistic invitation and invite the folks to the weekly Bible studies.

The following stages possibly will include:

  • A concert by one or more of the graded choirs of Getsemani Baptist Church of San Pedro La Laguna and the exhibition of the Christian video “¿Con Quién Te Vas?
  • A concert by the marimba band and possibly the choir of the Seminario Bautista de Guatemala and a sermon by Pastor Isaac Batz.
  • A workshop on how to raise baby chicks and the exhibition of the Christian video “El Dios Hombre”; short sermon by Ted Lindwall.
  • A workshop on how to cultivate a small family garden; the exhibition of a Christian video with testimonies titled “Destino Final”; and a Bible story by Keith Stamps.

Exhibition of the Christian video “Ropa Nueva para Felipe” and a sermon by Carlos Lemus (of Alabama). We possibly could raffle Christian books or DVDs at each event as a way to get their names and addresses. The Getsemani Baptist Church will enlist a missionary to lead the weekly home Bible studies. If we are blessed with a good meeting place (that we would rent), we would erect a sign and generously promote the meetings on Radio Amistad FM. Besides promotional spots on Radio Amistad of all of the above-mentioned events, we would enlist youth from both San Pedro La Laguna and the United States to hand out promotional fliers (volantes) in the streets of Santa Cruz.