MBI has a wide range of resources and services it provides to its affiliated radio stations. Including engineering, IT, and helping them produce programs for their audience. Below is a list of useful resources (links) that we utilize and a good source for starting your own radio station.


ASCAP – www.ascap.com
BMI – www.bmi.com
SESAC – www.sesac.com
SoundExchange – www.soundexchange.com
Stream Licensing – www.streamlicensing.com


Audio Editing
Adobe Audition CC – Win Mac
Audacity – Win Mac Linux
Avid Pro Tools – Mac
Garageband – Mac
Logic Pro – Mac
MixMeister – Win Mac
Sound Forge Pro – Win

Audio Lossless Codecs
Apple Lossless Audio Codec

Broadcasting Software
Airtime – Linux (Ubuntu Only)
Nicecast + Internet Streaming – Mac
SAM Broadcaster – Win
Winamp – Win Mac
WO Automation – Win
ZaraRadio – Win
Zetta – Win

Freac – Win Mac Linux FreeBSD
HandBrake – Mac
WinFF – Win Linux

Streaming Software
Adobe Media Server 5 Professional – Win Linux
Icecast – Win Mac/Linux
Flussonic Media Server* – Linux
Wowza Streaming Server – Win Mac Linux